3 Simple Tips for Living Your Happiest Life

Struggling to feel truly happy and alive? Join Barri Harris from Eureka Solutions to learn 3 simple & proven tips that are guaranteed to get you living your most fabulous life!

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Do you feel broke, tired, chronically a bit depressed and generally disappointed with life? Do you wish that you felt happier but aren’t quite sure what you need to do differently to get there?  Good news!  You aren’t alone and with 3 proven and simple tips you can transform your reality! Join Barri Harris of Eureka Solutions and make 2020 the year you start living your most amazing life.

About the presenter:

Barri Harris has spent the past 20 years transforming the ways people work. As a result, she’s learned what does and doesn’t work to help people that are trying to balance life, family and financial goals.  A reformed perfectionist, Barri knows first-hand how hard it is to find your own definition of success and to design a path to live a happier life, especially if that path doesn’t always line up to others’ expectations.  Her mission is to share the lessons learned and best practices from her research & experience to help others reach for their happiest life.