Boost Your Brain Naturally – Kelowna

with Dr. Jennifer Dyck, ND

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We all strive for optimal health- this includes both physical and mental well-being. Being active is a factor in this; however, we need to keep our brains healthy. Are you feeling forgetful, anxious, or depressed? Do you have trouble concentrating or difficulty falling asleep because you have an active mind? Inflammation can be a contributing factor to cognitive decline and mood disorders. Inflammation is exacerbated by things like everyday stress, concussions, free radical damage from toxin exposure, nutrient deficiencies, and food sensitivities. Learning to minimize our exposure to inflammation can help prevent chronic disease including those that affect our brain health. Join Dr. Jen as she explains the importance of preventing and treating inflammation to keep our brains and bodies healthy from the inside out!

Dr. Jennifer Dyck is a naturopathic doctor, health educator, and public speaker with a passion for empowering her patients to achieve optimal health. With a special expertise in treating brain-related health conditions including concussions, digestive complaints, and hormone imbalances, Dr. Jen has a busy active practice and shares her knowledge by training health industry retailers and educating the public on these and other areas of interest. She appears regularly as a guest on radio shows, hosts webinars, and provides health articles for various publications. In her spare time, Dr. Jen combines this passion with a commitment to volunteering for matters close to her heart. She is actively involved in saving Africa’s wild elephants from extinction, and has volunteered in home building and medical care initiatives in North and South America.

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