Boundaries and Attachment: How to Improve Every Relationship You Have

Join a marriage and family therapist, Kim Fraser, and learn about her work with parents and partners decoding relationship dynamics and deepening bonds - bringing awareness to the hidden elements underpinning connection.

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Kim is passionate about giving people the knowledge and tools to transform their relationships. Boundaries and Attachment are two of the foundational elements of human connection, and understanding the nuances of these two concepts will give you transformative insight into your relationships with your spouse, your kids, and your own parents.

About the presenter:

Kim is a registered clinical counselor and psychotherapist who specializes in relationships between couples, within families, and the self. She was raised in a family of seven, and is married with a tiny daughter of her own. Her practice supports people seeking to become more acquainted with the many aspects of themselves, and integrate their pain to find healing and interrupt intergenerational patterns. She is inspired by the vision of thriving relationships, and views conflict from a Family Systems perspective, with deep respect for the complexity of each individual’s personal history and life situation.