Chronic Pain – The Secret Role of Unprocessed Emotions

Join John Schlapbach to discover that the #1 cause of chronic pain may not be what you think. Learn how to help reduce your pain using a simple 7 step process, and the role of unprocessed negative emotions in chronic pain.

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Chronic Pain. Do any of these stories sound familiar?

Chronic aches and pains with only temporary relief from pills, potions or lotions? Unexplained back, neck, shoulder, hip or leg pain? Heard the story of ‘we can’t find anything wrong with you, so must all be in your head?’. The reason you are feeling this way might be due to unprocessed negative emotions from the past, which can be the root cause of these problems, and more. The good news is that I can help you navigate your condition with the goal of helping to reduce your pain symptoms.

About the presenter:

John Schlapbach is a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, teacher, speaker and Energy Medicine Specialist.  For over 40 years John has been helping people all over the world “get to the heart of the matter”. Whether it is chronic pain, fear, anxiety, depression, phobias, money, business and relationship blocks, self-sabotage, etc. It’s time to stop feeling stuck so you can have the life you want.