Design Psychology 101: Design a Life You Love

Join Cher Duyzer as she covers the basics of Design Psychology and how we can start creating lives we love in spaces where we can thrive.

About the Event


Choices Kelowna


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Cher’s unique coaching method draws upon her training in interior design, life coaching and holistic wellness counselling to use the design of your physical environment as a tool for self-awareness. Together, we can address how your space makes you feel and how your thoughts and feelings have shaped your space. Then, we can design your environment to suit you – to inspire, to comfort, to work, to play – whatever you desire out of your space and life.

About the presenter:

Cher Duyzer is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Life Coach and Design Psychologist. Her life coaching practice is based on the psychological connections between our physical environments and our mental well-being. Cher believes that the interior design of our living space, work space and the objects that surround us, speak to who we are and impact how we live. Working with both individuals and corporations, Cher combines her skills in both design and psychology to ensure our environments are supportive of our goals and allow us to design lives we love.