Diet and Nutrition in Autism & ADHD

with Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

About the Event


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Note: Our seminar room is upstairs and does not have wheelchair access. We apologize for any inconvenience


There is increasing research as well as clinical and personal stories on the improvement seen by families affected by Autism(ASD)/ADHD by customizing diet, foods, nutrients, and lifestyle changes based on symptoms and digestive/immune issues.  Lisa will go over key information from her personal and professional experience in this area.  You will come out with inspiration and ideas of ways to help your child.

Lisa’s nutrition practice is called Real Food For Thought and focuses on children’s development, specifically Autism(ASD)/ADHD.  She has personal and professional experience in this area, and has attended a number of Autism conferences as well as MedMAPS trainings.  The MedMAPS trainings ( are run by functional doctors on the up to date successful biomedical options for supporting children’s digestive, immune, neurological, lymphatic, and endocrine systems for better health.  She wants to help families to feel supported and understand options they can assess and try in order to improve their children’s symptoms.

Lisa also works at InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Clinic as a Nutritionist, and she is an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.