Eating for Balanced Blood Sugar

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This workshop will explore how the body naturally regulates our blood sugar and what types of foods and fibres support balanced blood sugars.

In this workshop we will explore what blood sugar is and how different kinds of foods, meal spacing, and other lifestyle factors like sleep and movement affect our blood sugar levels. We will discuss why balanced blood sugars are important in the context of Diabetes and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. We will look at the role of our food sources of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) within the body, and how to find balanced portions of these foods that feel best for your body. Complex carbohydrates provide various type of fibres including soluble and insoluble fibres, and resistant starch which can feel different for individual digestive systems and play different roles in the body. We’ll discuss how to experiment with new fibre-rich foods that feel good for digestion. Finally we will look at ways to put this information into practice with tasty, simple whole food meals and snacks.

Please note that this presentation will not be added to Choices’ YouTube page afterwards and is only available as a livestream via Zoom.
Presenter: Shannon Smith, RD
Shannon graduated with honours from UBC’s Food Nutrition and Health program and completed her dietetic internship with Vancouver Coastal Health in 2012. She is a registered dietitian working with InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care in Vancouver. Shannon enjoys translating the science of nutrition to whole foods and cooking techniques. She works with folks to reach their health goals by tuning into their body’s wisdom and identifying sustainable shifts with eating that spark joy for the taste buds and feel good for the whole body.
The views and opinions expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent those of Choices Markets and its employees. Choices Markets is not responsible for and does not verify the accuracy of any of the information presented. The information presented does not constitute medical or other professional advice and is for education purposes only.
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