Emotional Eating: How to make peace with food through self-care practices

About the Event




Learn why emotional eating isn’t “bad” and how feelings of guilt and shame around stress eating don’t help. Emotional eating is a coping tool, and we can discover other coping strategies to add to our self-care practice. We’ll understand how guided meditations and journal prompts can help us become more mindful of how the food makes us feel to determine what we​ really ​ need in those moments.

Other topics included are:
– Understanding the different types of emotions that lead people to eat when they
aren’t physically hungry
– Cravings vs. emotional eating
– Setting boundaries
– Getting your needs met: sleep, life balance, nourishment, and stress
– Cultivating self-care and compassion
– The science behind what drives emotional eating

We’ll work through a journal prompt together, so be sure to bring blank paper and a pen.

Join Janine Scheffler to learn about emotional eating and how you can make peace with food and decrease stress through self-care practices.