F45 Kitspoint Training online Zoom HIIT Workout!

About the Event




The team’s mentality at F45 Training helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally while encouraging community growth.


Come join us for a 45 minute HIIT workout where we will show you what F45 is all about. This full-body workout will accommodate all levels of fitness and needs no equipment! F45 is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Our workout experience is designed so that you don’t need to do things on your own anymore – instead, we work together as a team, with two experienced trainers and a community to support you through each and every workout. In 45 minutes you are in and out and you’ll never do the same workout twice, which helps you stay engaged since the best workout is one you’re willing to do consistently.

The workout is based on functional movements and can be tailored to any fitness level. Whether you’ve never been in a gym before or are a competitive athlete, you can do this workout and change your life



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