Fuelling an Active Lifestyle on a Plant-Based Diet

About the Event




Join Rachelle to learn about optimal nutrition for active individuals from all walks of life curious to learn about plant-based nutrition.

Plant-based eating has gained popularity throughout the years as it has been associated with a variety of improved health outcomes including decreased cardiovascular risk and disease. Despite these health benefits, is a plant-based diet appropriate to support the needs of an athlete? In this seminar we will discuss the basics of plant-based sports nutrition including calorie density, fueling with carbohydrates, plant-based protein to support muscle growth, and particular nutrients of concern.


Presenter: Rachelle Duckworth, RD(t), Choices Registered Dietitian

Rachelle is a Registered Dietitian temporarily licensed with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia. She graduated from UBC Vancouver with a Bachelor degree in Food Nutrition and Health majoring in Dietetics. Rachelle completed a 10-month practice-education placement with Providence Health Care and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

Rachelle has always been passionate about food, but it wasn’t until she entered the world of Dietetics where she truly made the connection of the impact it has on performance. Rachelle’s mission is to motivate, educate, and create a deeper understanding of plant-based sports nutrition. She can’t wait to share her knowledge!



The views and opinions expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent those of Choices Markets and its employees. Choices Markets is not responsible for and does not verify the accuracy of any of the information presented. The information presented does not constitute medical or other professional advice and is for education purposes only.

As this is a free event, we are unable to guarantee a spot in the event. Please join the event early to ensure you have a spot. Thank you!