Heal your Gut & Reduce Inflammation Recipe Demonstration

Join Liesel St Arnaud, nutritionist at Narrative Health, to learn about optimizing gut health to help reduce systemic inflammation!

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Liesel specializes in chronic conditions (any health condition that has continued for more than 3 months).  She works within the framework of her Narrative Health Program that aims to heal the gut and reduce systemic inflammation as a means to address symptoms.  Allergenic and pro-inflammatory foods increase small intestinal permeability, which promotes immune imbalance and systemic inflammation – both common drivers of chronic conditions.  In this recipe demonstration, Liesel will:


The connection between gut hyperpermeability (leaky gut) & chronic conditions.

How to make gut-healing food choices and which foods to eliminate.

When & how to reintroduce eliminated foods.

The importance of quality sleep & stress management in chronic conditions.


Homemade bone broth – crunchy vegetable & herb bone broth pho.

Homemade sauerkraut

Grain free bread

About the presenter:

Liesel St Arnaud holds a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. She taught at elementary school in South Africa before immigrating to Canada, where she qualified as a nutritionist.  Liesel suffered from undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Disease for many years and found her way back to health through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset modifications.  She is passionate about teaching people living with chronic conditions how take control of their health.  She has received Continuing Education in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Narrative Therapy and Addiction.  Liesel volunteers as a group leader at Self-Management BC for Chronic Conditions. Liesel lives in Vancouver with her husband and three children.