Host Defense Mushrooms for the Mind, Body & Health

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Join Jerry to learn about Host Defense Mushrooms and the multi-benefits of adding these mushrooms into your daily routine.

Mushrooms have been used for millennia by cultures around the world, for both food & healing. We now have the science to understand why they are so beneficial and how we can use them in our everyday life for whole body health. Please join Jerry Angelini, MS, who will introduce you to the most powerful mushrooms available today and what you need to know when choosing your mushroom product.


Presenter: Jerry Angelini, MS, Host Defense Educator

Jerry Angelini, MS, – Head of Education at Host Defense Mushrooms. Jerry has been teaching and speaking on anatomy and physiology, herb-drug interactions, and psychology for over two decades and holds numerous certifications and post-graduate credentials. Jerry will introduce you to the most powerful mushrooms and teach you how to use for whole body health. Jerry draws from over 25 years of private practice and training in multiple health modalities.



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