How to Raise Outrageously Healthy Kids

with Dr James Whillans, DC, Lifeworks Chiropractic

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Learn the effective and often overlooked strategies to ensure your children are as healthy as possible. Dr James has spent the last 20 years studying natural health and the last 10 years with a special focus on children’t health.

You will learn how to bulletproof your child’s immune system; learn which foods and supplements are most critical to include and exclude; and the key strategies to help improve focus, attention, athletic performance, better posture, sleep, and digestion!

Dr. James Whillans, DC, has helped over 4,000 patients in Kelowna alone since opening his practice here.   One of the most common pieces of feedback he receives is how much he cares and how well he listens to his patients.


“To help as many people in my lifetime as I can…

especially children.”