Inflammation Nation: The Healing Powers of Omega-3s – Kitsilano

with Karlene Karst R.D., author, Nutrition and Omega-3 Expert, Creator of Sea-licious

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Did you know inflammation is your body’s systemic response to an injury or stimuli and is a normal re-action for the body to try and heal itself? However, too much inflammation can cause pain and may lead to chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s diseases and many more. Join Registered Dietitian and health expert Karlene Karst as she shares her tips to reduce pain and inflammation through a combination of diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement such as omega-3 oils, astaxanthin antioxidants and curcumin.

Karlene Karst is a registered dietitian, author, mom to 3 young children and founder of Sea-licious Omega-3 oils. She has spent the past 15 years educating and inspiring people to reach their best health through nutrition and natural health. Karlene is a highly enthusiastic and passionate individual and is a frequent guest speaker at education events, radio and TV across North America including Access Hollywood, Canada AM, Breakfast TV, Global News Morning and CTV Morning Live. You can follow Karlene and her healthy tips on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.