Introduction to InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care

InspireHealth provides cancer patients with the knowledge, tools and services to support their overall health during and after cancer treatment. With Zahra Tromsness.

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Growing scientific evidence confirms that stress reduction, eating a healthy diet, exercise and a positive support network can substantially improve health and well-being for people living with cancer and their supports. InspireHealth offers options for better health and a better recovery. We provides supportive cancer care for people with cancer and their families in a caring and informative environment, guided by physicians, registered dieticians, clinical counsellors, exercise therapists and nutritionists.

About the presenter:

Zahra is a registered dietitian with over ten years’ experience providing nutrition counselling and developing and conducting nutritional education programs on a wide variety of topics. She believes in the power of healthful nutrition as a crucial part of any treatment process.

Zahra’s teaching and research experience in cellular and human biology, anatomy and physiology, and literature research has prepared her to deliver accurate, evidence-based nutrition advice in a style that’s both comprehensive and easy to understand. She has presented nutrition seminars and workshops to individuals motivating them to make healthier choices every day with a practical, light-hearted approach.