Just Ferment: Kombucha Workshop

With Allisha Heidt, BSSc, MA + Rochelle Minagawa BSc - Master Fermentistas and Co-Founders of MotherLove Kombucha

About the Event


Choices Kelowna


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MotherLove’s ‘Just Ferment || Kombucha Workshop’ will give newbies and experienced home brewers alike the ultimate learning experience in brewing kombucha right in their own kitchen.

Enjoy an immersion into the art and science of kombucha brewing taught by Wild Fermenters Allisha & Rochelle. This evening will guide you through every aspect of the fermentation process and teach you how to achieve your tastiest, bubbliest brews.

The Evening’s Agenda
~ Introduction to Fermentation
~ Kombucha Demonstration
~ Ferments Tasting (kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi)
~ Q&A

**All participants receive 2 x bottles of kombucha/water kefir or one Mother’s Helper Starter Kit


Presenter bio:

Allisha + Rochelle founded MotherLove Kombucha in 2015 fueled by the passion to share their love of probiotics and fermenting with their community. Their passion for fermentation started by wanting to provide only the best nutrition for their loved ones. This grew into a business that surpassed their wildest dreams. MotherLove Kombucha and water kefir is now available at 70 retail locations around BC and Alberta. In addition to brewing kombucha, Allisha + Rochelle sell kombucha and kefir homebrew kits and facilitate fermenting workshops on Kombucha, Kefir, Kraut and Kimchi.