Laugh Yourself Healthier – Learn to Be Comically Present

Learn to use Laughter Yoga as a powerful health tool to minimize stress, increase energy, boost immunity and generate more joy in your life.

About the Event


Choices South Surrey


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Join Mckye Hildebrand, Laughter Yoga instructor, as she teaches you how to remember your childlike playfulness in a safe space to release stress, boost immunity and increase energy. This practice is called Laughter Yoga because of the strong use of breath work and truly is a physical, emotional and spiritual exercise!

About Mckye Hildebrand:

Mckye Hildebrand is the owner of Wild Peace, is a certified Tranformational Meditation Coach, Laughter Yoga Teacher and musician and is committed to helping people transform their inner dialogue to one grounded in love. Nothing makes Mckye happier than helping others unlock their Wild Peace to allow them to shape their very reality.