Nutrition & Pediatric Migraines

Join Registered Dietitian Joelle Davidson to learn about Nutrition and Pediatric Migraines.

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This talk delves into the latest information about nutrition and pediatric migraines. There are many components that contribute to migraines. Optimizing food and nutrition can help with prevention of these debilitating migraine headaches. Topics discussed include ideal diet patterns, specific foods that might be triggers, and recommendations for nutrition supplements. Joelle will also discuss her lived experience as she suffered childhood migraines for many years. Join us to learn more about how food and nutrition can potentially bring some relief to you or your child.

Presenter: Joelle Davidson, RD

Joelle is Registered Dietitian and founder/owner of Intuition Dietitian Co. She holds a B.Sc. in Biomedical Science and a B.Sc. in Food, Nutrition, and Health with a major in dietetics. Joelle’s passion lies in guiding her patients in establishing healthy relationships with food. As a dietitian, Joelle uses the best available evidence paired with an understanding of her clients’ values for recommendations and guidance. She understands the right balance of foods that is essential to nourish the mind and body and that it is a source of social connection and pleasure in our lives.


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