Nutritional Fuel for Active Lifestyles – Kitsilano

with Jasmine Broad, RHN, Raw Food Chef, and Vega Educator

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Whether you’re into fitness classes, yoga, running, team sport or strength training, we’ll discuss nutrition strategies to fuel your active lifestyle, increase energy, manage stress,  to perform on the next level through plant based nutrition.

Jasmine will share her top healthy choice recipes.



Jasmine Broad is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), and Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor who works at Vega as a Consumer Educator. Since she was a child, mimicking what her mom would create in the kitchen and pretending to have her own cooking show, Jasmine has had a curiosity and passion for all things food. Jasmine uses her experience in nutrition, and passion for creating delicious and nourishing meals, to support others in their holistic nutrition journey.