Overstressed, Overworked, and Overweight?

With Charlotte Traas - spokesperson for New Chapter Inc.

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Canadians struggle with these 3 factors when trying to accomplish their health goals.  Come explore how synergistic supplementation can help improve your life and deliver the results you want.

Presenter bio:

Charlotte Traas is the Director of Sales Education and Training at New Chapter, Inc. Charlotte began her career teaching at a medical college in Saint Louis, Missouri. Recognizing that Western medicine may be enhanced by natural traditions established in Eastern medicine, Charlotte studied herbs and mushrooms in Japan and China for three years. A consummate student, Charlotte has been studying natural alternatives for health for the past 15 years under some of America’s most notable herbalists and naturopaths. A passionate advocate and spokesperson for natural healing techniques and remedies, Charlotte is currently working to help further educate on the repercussions of GMO’s in the United States and offers alternative health solution seminars on Women’s Health.