Plant-Based Myth Busting: Soy, Iron, Protein, and More!- ONLINE ONLY – EVENT FULL: EMAIL FOR WAIT LIST (DETAILS BELOW)

Join Dr. Matthew Nagra to learn about the benefits of plant-based diets for your health as he dispels all the common myths about protein, iron, soy, and more!

About the Event




Due to an abundance of caution for the safety and health of our customers, staff and partners, we have made the decision to move our in-person seminars to an online format until further notice. Details to join the online seminar will be available by email once sign-up is completed. Must have email address to register.



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The session will begin with a look at the long-term health benefits of a plant-based eating pattern, followed by the research on prevention and treatment of many of our most common chronic diseases, including: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Following that introduction, Dr. Nagra will systematically run through the myths.

1. Do we need to eat fish for omega-3s?
2. Can we get calcium without dairy?
3. Does soy contain estrogen?
4. Is plant-based protein as good as animal-based?
5. Why do we need to supplement vitamin B12?
6. Can we get enough iron from plants?


About the Presenter:

Dr. Nagra is a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, BC, who is a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition. After seeing remarkable improvements in his own health by adopting a healthier diet, he began learning all he could about the science behind why this diet works so well. Convinced that the evidence is clear, he’s made it his mission to inform as many people as possible that they too can take control of their health. He is a public speaker, author, graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Plant-Based Nutrition program, and volunteer for the non-profit