Practices to Awaken the Body’s Innate Healing Potential – through Integrative Energy Healing™ – ONLINE

Join Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Practitioner, Debra Winter, to learn the about the subtle energy system of the body and our innate potential to heal body, mind and spirit.

About the Event




Due to an abundance of caution for the safety and health of our customers, staff and partners, we have made the decision to move our in-person seminars to an online format until further notice. Details to join the online seminar will be available by email once sign-up is completed. Must have email address to register.


Recent events have created stressful situations for everyone, impacting us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. This talk will offer some simple somatic-based exercises to build resilience and manage your nervous system as you navigate these uncertain times. We’ll investigate the dynamic relationship between your thoughts and feelings and their impact upon your state of health. Exploring the principles of Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ , a whole person somatic approach to healing, we’ll discuss the theory of the subtle energy of the body – the Biofield, the innate wisdom of our bodies, and practices that can be used to promote a state of calm and deep connection to Self.


About the Presenter: 

Debra Winter, Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner™ , CIEHP, has practiced Integrative Energy Healing™ since 2011. She has a Vancouver based practice supporting clients with mental health issues, addictions and chronic pain. Debra has studied Integral Yoga Psychology for the past 12 years and teaches the theory within the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ program at Langara College.