Pure Potent WOW Essential Oils for Fall & Winter

with Jerri Lynn Rinker, WOW Essential Oils

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Come join us to learn simple and effective ways to utilize the supportive nature of essential oils to keep you happy & healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons!

Aromatherapy is both an art & science with immense powers to influence our health & well-being. Essential oils –  the precious oils extracted from plants used in aromatherapy –  can be used to enhance our everyday lives and offer support throughout the seasons. Come join us as we learn:

– What are essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy?

– How to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily life!

– Specific essential oils to support you throughout the fall & winter seasons!

– Create your own take home product!


Jerri Lynn (B.Sc.) is the Aromatherapy Educator for Pure Potent WOW! Trained as a bodywork practitioner at VSBM she was blessed to learn an Ayurvedic approach to aromatherapy and how to simply and effectively incorporate essential oils into her treatments. She went on to complete her Aromatherapy Certification through WCIA and is always taking new courses to stay inspired!

Jerri Lynn offers aromatherapy seminars & training to the staff, customers, and retailers of Pure Potent WOW! She is passionate about teaching both intuitive & scientific approaches to incorporating aromatherapy into your daily life and self-care practices.