Rebooting your Body’s Ability to Heal

with Michael Rowland, TheraPhist and Terri Bernath, TheraPhist, Certified Reflexologist

About the Event


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Note: Our seminar room is up stairs without any disabled access. We apologize for the inconvenience.


TheraPhi is an experimental cellular regeneration device.  There are over 40 of these devices around the planet, helping many people to heal a wide variety of health concerns. By spending short periods of time in the bioactive field generated by TheraPhi, each cell in the body is given a bio photonic charge.  The cells can be restored to a healthier and more ordered state. The body’s own regenerative systems are enhanced as well. Join Mike and Terri for a presentation about this incredible device and have the opportunity to experience a short session after the presentation.

Michael and Terri started the NRG Wellness Group to offer people TheraPhi, a cellular regeneration wellness device. Terri has been in natural health for over 35 years, bringing considerable experience with Reflexology and many other modalities. TheraPhi changed her life 2 years ago and now she works with others and this amazing new device. Michael, a former corporate executive, has spent the last 15 years working with people helping them to heal energetically. His work ranges from clearing people’s energy fields to removing energetic blocks in their energy fields caused by trauma, including soul retrieval and releasing ancestral patterns.