Restore Health with Whole Foods & Natural Weight Loss

with Connie Dekramer, MA. HeartMath Provider,Biofeedback Specialist

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Choices Kelowna


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Come learn how to restore health with whole foods and how weight loss is a natural result. Lose weight naturally and experience improvement in arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health concerns through whole food eating. Connie has over 25 years experience supporting people to have great health and natural weight loss.

When we give the body plenty of micronutrients from healthy eating, we lose our cravings for unhealthy foods. We lose weight naturally and improve our health.

In addition, Connie will share how to create nurturing habits that break the connection to over-eating. And what about stress and food? Also, learn delightful breathing exercises that give you immediate relief from stress and break its connection to food.


Connie DeKramer, M.A., had a healing foods restaurant in the States. She began teaching people how to restore health with whole foods and has spent the last 25 years supporting people with all types of health conditions to enjoy whole food eating and as a result, improve their health and lose weight naturally.

Connie has taught for 5 years in Nait’s Culinary Program and at Planet Organic Market in Edmonton for 12 years.