Sleep & Stress with Rhiannon Lytle – ONLINE

Rhiannon Lytle, RHN and Organika Brand Ambassador will offer stress management techniques & accessible ideas to improve sleep for a better immune system.

About the Event




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Sleep & Stress, the foundations of healthy living.  The role of sleep on your immune system; tips to getting better sleep.  Using magnesium for sleep/stress reduction.  Stress management techniques.  Coffee and stress; why adding MCT can help.

Presenter Bio

Rhiannon, after dealing with her own issues with hormones, digestive health, and food insecurities, developed a deep passion to help others cultivate a healthy understanding of food, and how it impacts our everyday.  Along with this, she is particularly passionate about our planet.  Did you know that your food choices play a HUGE role in not just your health, but the health of our world?  It’s fascinating that when you choose to eat right for the planet, you’ll see a change in your own health too, including weight loss, hormone control and digestive balance.