Stress Management: Lifestyle and Supplementation Tips for a Better You!

About the Event




Dr. Rory will guide you through navigating stress and how to manage it via lifestyle strategies and supplements to support from Canprev.


Stress makes everything worse, especially your mood! Anxiety, depression, irritability and feelings of being overwhelmed go hand in hand with high stress levels. It’s hard juggling work and relationships when you have so much going on in your body mentally and hormonally. We cannot change life’s circumstances, but we can change our approach to dealing with things in positive and proactive way. Join us for an engaging chat on lifestyle tips and supplementation to improve your situation.


Presenter: Dr. Rory Gibons, ND

Dr. Rory Gibbons, ND resides and practices in the lower mainland of British Columbia, providing high-quality care to patients throughout the province. His clinical practice focuses on providing solutions to those struggling with fatigue, low mood, burnout, weight gain, and common skin and digestive issues. Dr. Gibbons balances his clinical practice with his other full-time job – father to two little boys! He couldn’t do it without his lovely wife, who is also an ND, as they work to shape a healthy lifestyle for their growing family. Dr. Gibbons’ journey as a parent and the new challenges he faces each day informs his practice and his passion for educating others. He strives to bring thoughtful knowledge and research to his patients, giving them the education they need to find their best health.



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