The Stress Weight Gain Connection

With Stefania Artuso Banman, Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

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Dive into the importance of what stress does to our metabolism and its connection with weight loss. Learn about the autonomic nervous system and how it is responsible for digestive activity and the two branches: the parasympathetic and the sympathetic. Plus, learn tips on how you can lower stress and boost your metabolism for weight loss. You will leave with the awareness to define what stressors may be sabotaging your weight loss and what you can do to relax.

Stefania Artuso Banman is a busy mom of three boys and understands the demands of being a mom.  MOM= Master Of Multitasking!  Eg…Wife, chauffeur, chef, booboo healer, cheerleader, referee, tutor, dog walker, Costco runner, housekeeper.  With all those hats we wear on a daily basis, she knows all too well how easy it is to lose ourselves and forget that sexy vixen we once were before kids.  We put ourselves last on the list.  It’s not a fun place to be.  Stefania has been successfully coaching clients to get a hold on stress, releasing weight naturally without counting calories and giving up their favorite foods and finding true balance no matter what life throws at you.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your life’s demands and your ready to put yourself and your health first, my services aim to introduce clarity, a mindset overhaul, self-motivation and managing emotional stress of everyday life while working on self-growth.