StressSmart: How Mindfulness Reduces Chronic Stress

The StressSmart workshop introduces participants to the impact chronic stress has on our lives and how to tap into the power of the mind with scientifically proven techniques to relieve stress and build resiliency.

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Study shows that most of us have chronically elevated cortisol, stress hormone, levels. As a result, we suffer from various problems that prevent us from living happy, fulfilling lives. StressSmart workshop draws on the latest research, human psychology and the wisdom of leading practitioners. This workshop is designed to introduce individuals to the science of mindfulness and offers an opportunity to experience mindfulness practices firsthand. In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of both the need for healthy daily disciplines and how small changes in thinking and habits can lead to profound changes in health.

About the presenter:

Iwona Sienko RN, BScN, MBA, while working for over 30 years in various health care systems, witnessed many of her colleagues, clients and employees experiencing chronic stress. During the time of healing from her own chronic stress, she has learned how to build resiliency in the body and mind. In a way, she bio-hacked her life to overcome adversities of her experiences. As a result, she has witnessed first-hand how the body and mind can heal from chronic stress when given proper support in the right environment. However, it takes more than healthy nutrients and exercise. Today as a nurse and mindfulness facilitator, she teaches others how to manage stress in a healthy and effective way.