The Anti-Cancer Diet: Unlocking the Power of Prevention ONLINE ONLY

Back by popular demand, join Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner Hanna Rakowska to learn about the link between diet and cancer prevention and suppression. This seminar will have a post-event 30 minute question period.

About the Event




Due to an abundance of caution for the safety and health of our customers, staff and partners, we have made the decision to move our in-person seminars to an online format until further notice. Details to join the online seminar will be available by email once sign-up is completed. Must have email address to register.


Dietary habits are responsible for 30 to 40 percent of all cancers. Of course, various cancers have a variety of causes. Studies show that as many as 70 to 90 percent of cancers are caused by diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. In fact, what you eat is the single most powerful determinant of whether or not you ever get cancer- and how your body responds to it if you do. This seminar will have a post-event 30 minute question period.

About the presenter:

Hanna Rakowska has a bachelor’s degree in health science and is the Nutrition Operations Manager for Choices Markets. After overcoming cancer as a young woman and experiencing the incredible impact nutrition had on her own healing and recovery, Hanna became interested in the field of oncology nutrition. Hanna’s mission is to raise awareness about the role of dietary and lifestyle behaviours in cancer development through evidence-based education. She has been featured on television shows such as CTV Morning Live and Global News. Her website is