The Perfect Gut Solution – Your Own Flora

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Answers to stomach discomfort, fatigue & brain fog! Discover what’s missing in your daily diet, supplements plus more to bring balance!


Finally, find answers to your: – Stomach Discomfort – Gas & Bloating – Unexplained Fatigue – Skin Irritation – Brain Fog & Anxiety Break this havoc now, join us for this online event to discover the missing components in your daily lifestyle, including foods, supplements plus other holistic tips to bring you back balance and feel even better! A recording will be emailed to you thereafter the event. All attendees will receive a special offer. Hosted by Living Alchemy. @theRealAlchemy


Presenter: Irene Pauline Humpelsetter, BComm, CNP, Manager of Marketing & Education, Living Alchemy

Irene Pauline is a trusted nutritional expert, lecturer and holistic lifestyle advocate. Her journey started when she beat cancer and now, she supports others in how to reach their greatest potential in health and wellness. With a Bachelor of Commerce and as Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Irene actively practices her passion daily at Living Alchemy, as the Manager of Marketing and Education.



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As this is a free event, we are unable to guarantee a spot in the event. Please join the event early to ensure you have a spot. Thank you!