Understanding CBT Food Psychology & the Importance of Supplements

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Want to change your food habits learn about supplements? Join Marjie and Jackie to learn about food psychology and the role of supplements.

Food for thought! Don’t miss these two joined forces! Exploring our individual relationships with food, Nutrition Coach, Marjie Richardson of High Peak Nutrition, talks about changing habits with a CBT approach, while Jackie Dunham educates us on the role of supplements and why sourcing quality ingredients matters to your health.


Presenters: Marjie Richardson & Jackie Dunham, PharmD

Marjie Richardson is a Nutrition Coach who launched High Peak Nutrition with her partner Kelan Smith in 2017. Having experienced mental health issues for years, it was her postpartum depression that motivated Marjie to learn about the food and mood connection. She has since then created Back to Basics, a Canadian nutritional coaching program for better mental and physical health, with the support of pharmacist Jackie Dunham.



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