When Food is Love: The Truth About Emotional Eating

We hear over and over again that emotional eating is something to be “fixed” or palliated. Join Samantha Robinson and Zara Neukom as they present a new perspective and provide the tools to heal your relationship with food.

About the Event


Choices Kelowna


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Sam and Zara will offer tools on how to start internally regulating your emotions, how to heal your relationship with food and how to find an intuitive and free approach to food and eating. Learn why we use food to regulate our emotions, why there is no shame attached to emotional eating, and how food is related to trauma and the Window of Tolerance. Bring an open mind, an open heart and a journal.

About the presenters:

Samantha Robinson is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) that brings over seven year’s experience within field of therapy and mental health. Samantha’s approach to healing is holistic – addressing physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals in therapy. Samantha’s background includes working with clientele with complex trauma, anxiety disorders and symptoms, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, chronic pain, complicated grief, addictive behaviors, and eating disorders.

Zara Neukom holds a Diploma in Human Kinetics from Capilano University and a BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of British Columbia. Zara is the co-founder of The Rising – a platform created to help women heal relationship with food and body. Her heart work is in the field eating disorders.  Zara is a Health at Every Size advocate, intersectional feminist, and environmentalist. She believes that the body is political and that self-love is power.