Yoga Therapy for Nourishing Sleep

Join Leila's brief talk and modest class to learn how Yoga Therapy can benefit your mental and physical health by improving your sleep.

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Leila Stuart, author and international educator, will talk about Yoga Therapy as a transformative branch of Yoga that empowers you to take an active role in your own healing process, whatever your physical condition. After a short introduction on Yoga Therapy for better sleep, she will lead a gentle and accessible class so you can experience how yoga can relieve physical and mental suffering and encourage self-compassion. Restorative sleep underlies physical and mental health. Research reveals that Yoga Therapy can decrease the time to fall asleep, increase length of sleep and improve sleep quality. And when you have better sleeps, your whole life can change! We will explore yoga practices including breath, movement and mental focus as easy, accessible tools to help you have more nourishing sleep.


Presenter : Leila Stuart BA, LLB, C-IAYT 

With decades of experience as an RMT and Yoga Therapist, Leila is a pioneer in movement education. She has operated Centerpoint Yoga Therapy Studio in White Rock for over 20 years. She is an international educator, co-author of Pathways to A Centered Body and is writing her third book. Leila’s transformational system of therapeutic yoga evolved from her desire to empower students on the path to self-healing. She skillfully guides students toward knowing their wholeness through awareness, gentle movement, breath, and mental repatterning. Leila invites students to make yoga a living, transformational process by encouraging practice during daily activities.



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