Wellness Guides & Cookbooks

Choices Nutrition Team, together with the help of local experts, has complied a number of Wellness Guides to help you along your journey to healthy living.

Becoming A Sustainabilist ($13.95 plus applicable taxes) The latest installation in Choices’ series of wellness guides, Becoming a Sustainabilist is our effort to empower you, our customers and community members, to live a life centred around sustainability. In this guide, we cover topics like local foods, organic and fair trade goods, different diets and food waste and discuss how they relate to living more like a sustainabilist. Of course, we’ve also included a new line-up of recipes (many aimed at helping you reduce food waste) to try out at home with family and/or friends.

Gluten Free Food Guide, 2nd Edition ($13.95 plus applicable taxes): With our Gluten Free Food Guide, 2nd Edition, we want to relay the message that gluten-free living is not about limitations—it’s about opening up a world of food possibilities and improving overall health and well-being for those living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance or sensitivity. This wellness guide and recipe book will teach you the basics of gluten, remind you of ingredients to watch for, offer handy tips for gluten-free baking at home and point you in the direction of other resources to help you along your gluten-free journey.

Beyond Broccoli: Plant-Based Nutrition ($13.95 plus applicable taxes): As a natural extension of the recognition of plant foods’ many benefits, the topic of vegetarian and vegan diets is currently on everyone’s lips. Amidst the hype, what is the vegetarian reality? Beyond Broccoli is here to help you sort fact from fiction and provide clear guidance about how to healthfully adopt a more plant-based diet.

Find YOUR Healthy Weight ($13.95 plus applicable taxes): Abandon fad diets for good and, instead, resolve to transform your life. Find YOUR Healthy Weight, is designed with you in mind, using a whole-foods, holistic approach to normalizing weight. This guide will walk you step-by-step through preparing your home, your body and your mind for real change. Finally–a sensible plan for finding YOUR healthy weight. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Recipes including easy snack and emergency meal ideas;
  • A 12-week fitness plan designed by Innovative Fitness;
  • Ready-to-use meal plans and shopping lists;
  • Nutrition guidelines;
  • Tips for success and more.

How to Grow a Healthy Kid ($13.95 plus applicable taxes): For most, starting a family–or adding to one–is the ultimate time to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Choices’ How to Grow a Healthy Kid resource guide and recipe book will lend a helping hand to moms and dads on the path to parenthood. This easy-read offers advice on healthy eating before, during and after pregnancy and delivers a variety of recipes and meal ideas for kids with adventurous and particular taste buds.

A Local Table ($19.95 plus applicable taxes): In this cookbook, Choices’ Chef Antonio Cerullo has created recipes around each of the four seasons, showcasing the foods available to cook in the Metro Vancouver and the Okanagan. Complementing Antonio’s recipes, several BC growers share their stories (and ingredients) with readers. So open up A Local table and find a world of locally focused new recipes to try.