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Earth Week: Carbon Boreal Program

Karthein’s Saurkraut is a supporter of Choices Markets Earth Week. They support an innovative program we felt the need to highlight this year: The Carbon Boreal Program.

Established in 1992, Béland Organic Foods is an organic food broker, wholesaler, as well as producer of Canadian Heritage Organic maple products and Karthein’s organic unpasteurized sauerkraut with probiotics. Béland Organic Foods aims to do its part to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), slowing down the global climate change by compensating for the GHG emission caused by the transport of its organic lines.

Béland Organic Foods purchases carbon credits from the Carbon Boréal research program, which provides and plants trees that will ultimately offset their GHG emissions linked to all deliveries made in 2014. This is calculated using the total number of kilometres done on by truck or train from origin to destination point of all the orders delivered across Canada. To date, the equivalence of 29 tonnes of Co2 was offset by the planting of 207 trees, as can be seen on the certificate issued by Carbon Boréal.

Béland Organic Foods is proud to be the first in the organic food market to contribute to the 51,000 GHG emissions offset by the planting of over 913,000 trees in the Boréal forests of Quebec. We hope to inspire other organic health foods companies and individuals to join us in becoming carbon neutral. Take action or find out more on the Carbone Boreal Program here.