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Integrating Physical Activity into a Busy Lifestyle

We are living in an environment that is continually changing and becoming faster paced. In order to keep up with everything while juggling the many facets of life (relationships, work, family, fitness, social time, travel etc.) it is imperative that we have a plan to stay ahead. The following are some suggestions for creating balance in your life:

1. Set multi-dimensional goals – When setting realistic goals, take all of the spheres of life into account including physical, social, spiritual, emotional & intellectual. Be sure to address each one; often, we focus on one sphere and quickly realize that we have lost the balance needed to be happy across the board.

2. Create a plan – Having goals without a plan is pointless. Just as we need a blueprint to build a house we need to have a plan in place to get us towards our goals. Remember, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

3. Communicate – Putting our plan down on paper will allow us to stay on track. Sharing our plans and goals with those that are close to us will provide an additional sense of accountability and will keep others informed about what we are working towards.

4. Include family & friends – The inclusion of children, spouses and friends in our goal setting & physical activity will provide more time with those close to us while doing something that’s healthy.

5. Make it a priority – Finding time to exercise can be a challenge. However, it is important to keep in mind that what we can provide to our work environment, our family, or our significant other will be directly proportional to our energy levels and health. This mind set makes it much easier to take the time to put ourselves first. Schedule time to exercise as you would any other appointment – make it a priority!

It really isn’t difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the busy times in our lives. All it takes is the foresight to plan ahead and the support systems to help keep you in check while balancing everything that is going on.

In 2003, Curtis Christopherson came screaming onto the health and fitness scene as a professional training coach. A graduate from Simon Fraser University and a former member of the Canadian National Water Polo Team, he was no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and diving into hard work. Since then, Curtis has gone on to become the General Manager of Innovative Fitness in White Rock, British Columbia.

Some of Curtis’s athletic accomplishments include: 8 National Water Polo Championships, the 100km Del Sahara desert run, several Half Ironmans, multiple marathons (Vancouver, New York, Honolulu), adventure race podium finishes and International hikes such as the West Coast Trail in a day, Machu Picchu and Mt. Kilimanjaro. In 2007, Curtis was part of a team of 6 cyclists who rode their bikes across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver in 7 days to raise 1 million dollars towards Juvenile Diabetes. He repeated that initiative in 2009 by riding across Australia in 6 days for the same cause.

In 2007, Curtis co wrote “Swim Upstream – Unsubscribing to conventional wisdom” and together with his group of literary cohorts published two more books in 2008. He was a primary contributor to four consecutive years of the Fitness Fantasy reality series (that was featured in The Province newspaper and aired on Global Television), was featured on Global Television by providing daily “Fit Tips”, and went on to author a column in The Province called “12 Weeks to a Better Body”.

Beyond his years, this young man will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the health and fitness industry and again Curtis has no qualms about bringing others along for the journey.

For more information, Curtis can be reached at email: Website: