Changes to Organic Labelling

Dear Choices customers,

Recently, the BC government has made some changes to section 12 of the Organic Certification Regulation. Requirements on how organic foods are labelled have changed to better protect you from potentially being misled.

To simplify what this means, from now on only products that are made in certified organic facilities will be able to label their products as organic.

What does this mean for you and Choices?

Our Choices Deli and Bakery items are made in a facility that uses both organic and conventional ingredients. While many of our products are made with certified organic ingredients, we will no longer be able to label them as organic.But, don’t worry, the ingredient listings will continue to identify all the organic ingredients in our products. They’re still the same products you know and love, we’re only changing how they are labelled.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Choices Markets