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Expanded Bison Options

Bison has been a common item in grocery store meat departments for many years. It’s a popular item thanks to its excellent flavour, lean fat and high iron content. We’re proud to announce that here at Choices we’re expanding our bison offerings to include a more robust range of cuts to help you bring more bison to your dinner table.

Thanks to a partnership with Island Bison Ranch – a first generation family run farm where animal comforts are always put before profits (located just outside Campbell River, BC), our meat department is now able to offer you more choices for locally raised bison. As close to wild as farmed gets – this free range bison is raised without antibiotics or added hormones and unlike most bison on the market today is entirely grass-fed.

We will be receiving shipments of bison at our stores on a regular basis, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives in our weekly fliers.