Heart & Stroke Foundation Fundraising


Too many women are unnecessarily suffering and dying from heart disease. They have been left behind because they are under-researched, under-diagnosed and under-treated, and under-supported during recovery. It is shocking we are only beginning to understand women’s hearts, and gains in knowledge are so slow to reach the bedside. What we do know highlights a stark reality:

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of premature death for women in Canada (dying before reaching their expected lifespan).
  • Early heart attack signs were missed in 78% of women.
  • Every 20 minutes a woman in Canada dies from heart disease.
  • Five times as many women die from heart disease as breast cancer.
  • Two-thirds of heart disease clinical research focuses on men.
  • Women who have a heart attack are more likely to die or suffer a second heart attack compared to men.

“Women’s hearts are still misunderstood. We are decades behind in our knowledge of the differences between men’s and women’s hearts,” says Yves Savoie, CEO of Heart & Stroke.

The numbers are alarming. According to the most recent Statistics Canada annual data, close to 25,000 women die each year from heart disease.

On behalf of Canadians everywhere, Heart & Stroke is committed to advocating for changes that reduce the systematic bias women face in health care.

From August 9 – 22, Choices Markets will be accepting donations at our tills. By donating, you are helping correct the imbalance in women’s heart health for future generations of Canadian women. You can also join us at our Cambie, Abbotsford, South Surrey, Kitsilano, North Vancouver or Burnaby Crest stores on August 11th for a charity BBQ fundraiser from 11-2pm.

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