Notice Regarding PETA Footage of Abbotsford Pig Farm

To Our Valued Customers:

We have been made aware of video released by PETA regarding an Abbotsford farm and a news release specifically referring to Choices Markets in relation to that video. We want to be clear that we do not deal with the farm alleged to be represented in the video in any way whatsoever and to our knowledge and belief, we do not carry their products at any Choices Markets location. We are concerned by and do not condone the activities and allegations contained in the video and news release and are fully supportive of the investigations launched by the SPCA, BC Pork Producers Association and others in light of these allegations.

We have been in contact with our supplier since becoming aware of the video and news release to gain insight into the claims made by PETA and to ensure that our supplier is taking any corrective action necessary if these claims prove to be true. We have also confirmed that none of the products supplied to us are sourced from this farm.

We at Choices Markets have strict standards for the humane and ethical treatment of all animals that producers and distributors of such products may supply to our stores. We regularly review these standards with our suppliers and obtain their commitments to uphold these standards.