Now 100% Ocean Wise

Choices Markets, a leader in local, organic and specialty grocery items in British Columbia, has reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability, and will now only sell fresh seafood that is recommended by the Ocean Wise seafood program. Choices Markets joined the program in 2011 with a smaller selection of Ocean Wise seafood products, and has steadily been working towards their goal of being completely sustainable.

“Making the commitment to provide consumers with 100 per cent ocean-friendly seafood is a positive step for the health of our oceans. When we have a partner –retail or a restaurant – commit to only sustainable choices, it’s a win for everyone. Choices has shown true dedication to ocean conservation by taking this step,” said Ocean Wise seafood program manager Ann-Marie Copping. “We work with all of our partners to lead them on a path of continuous improvement over time. It can be a long journey, but is ultimately a rewarding one as it helps to protect our oceans, lakes and rivers so that seafood may be enjoyed by current and future generations.”

Across the chain, Choices will now offer customers more than 20 different Ocean Wise recommended products at their fresh seafood counters. The selection includes everything from B.C. wild sockeye salmon to Arctic char, halibut, cod, organic farmed sturgeon and prawns. Since opening its doors in 1990, the company has focused on being green, from their customer offerings to the way they operate their business.

“Choices has always prided itself on being a business with a sustainable approach to everything we do, and what better way to show this to our customers than by becoming an Ocean Wise leader?” says Alex Iasinskyi, Choices Meat Operations Manager. “It’s important to our company that we do our part to protect the natural world, and that we also provide a fair and high quality product for our customers. It’s all part of our desire to have a positive impact in our community and for the planet.”

Choices is the first retail chain in B.C. to switch all of their fresh seafood to Ocean Wise recommended items. Across the country, Ocean Wise has 140 partners that offer a 100% sustainable selection, a number that continues to grow.

Ocean Wise Seafood Program
Overfishing is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. With thousands of partner locations across Canada, Ocean Wise makes it easy for consumers to choose sustainable seafood for the long-term health of our oceans. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is our assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice.

Choices Markets
With 11 locations, Choices Markets is BC’s largest locally owned and operated retailer of natural, organic and specialty foods. Since first opening in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood in 1990, Choices Markets has been a dedicated community anchor that seeks to promote local foods, organic products and sustainable environmental practices.

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