Renewable Natural Gas: A Sustainable Choice

Choices Markets is proud to announce that we have recently made new achievements towards our sustainability goals. As of Fall 2016, all Choices Markets locations are now powered by renewable natural biogas.

Natural gas is the right energy choice for Choices Markets. “It’s cost-efficient and reliable, and allows us to use gas-fired ovens in our gourmet delis,” says Jon Janower, Choices Markets chief operating officer. Choices received rebates from FortisBC for purchasing new energy-efficient ovens, making it even more affordable to cook with natural gas.

“We strive to become more sustainable in every facet of our business,” according to Jon. “It was a natural fit for us to align ourselves with FortisBC and use renewable natural gas, especially since it’s produced locally in Delta, BC.”

FortisBC works with local suppliers who turn organic waste from sources such as landfill sites and agriculture waste into biogas, which is then purified to become renewable natural gas that’s injected into the FortisBC system. Choices Markets and other FortisBC customers who sign up for a renewable natural gas blend are supporting the growth of renewable energy in BC.—now more affordable than ever.

To learn more about renewable biogas and sustainable energy initiatives, check out FortisBC’s page.