Shopping Sustainably: Choices’ New Bag Policy

Choices Markets has always strived to be a leader in sustainability efforts in the grocery industry.  While we have long offered recycled paper bags at our stores, in 2014 we also introduced the degradable plastic bag. It’s all a small part of what we do to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

Starting this Earth Day, April 22nd, we’ll be adding a small surcharge to our plastic and paper bags in an effort to focus on reusable alternatives. We will be adding a 5 cent charge to our plastic bag, and a 10 cent charge to our paper bags. Brought your own bag? We’ll take 5 cents off your bill as a small reward.

Forgot your reusable bag at home? Not to worry. To help offset this non-reusable bag charge to our shoppers, we’ll be reducing the price of our reusable cloth bags from $1.29 to 99 cents for the month of April. We also offer a thermal bag for $2.99.