Do You Wash Your Reusable Bags?

CTV News Vancouver and Lynda Steele recently took to our Yaletown location to interview our customersĀ on something that’s become a staple for many of us: the reusable cloth bag. In recent years, it seems like everyone has amassed quite a collection of these environmentally friendly bags. We keep them under the sink or in the back seat of the car, generally forgetting about them until we have to rush back out to the car before going through the till!

But perhaps it’s time to pay a little more attention to the humble reusable bag. As Steele reports, bacteria is able to grow and fester from the food particles and cross contamination that can occur in the bottom of our grocery bags. If left untreated, serious food borne illnesses like Salmonella or E. Coli can get in contact with your food. A simple fix? Wash your grocery bags after using them! Throw your bags in the washing machine once a week to keep them fresh and clean. Choices Markets reusable bags can be machine washed with no issues, though our premium hard sided totes need to be hand washed with soap and water as the stiff inserts are made from cardboard. Just be sure to dry out the bags fully before storing them.

To learn more, read CTV’s article on the subject here.