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Sunchoke Soup

Sunchoke Soup

Start the month off on a healthy note with this wonderful vegetarian soup. Full of sunchokes, an excellent source of iron, and garlic, a potent antioxidant, your body will thank you!


1. In a heavy sauce pan heat 4 tbsp of olive oil and lightly brown chopped shallots.
2. Add garlic and sliced sunchokes. Stew for approximately 15 minutes on medium heat. When sunchokes start to brown add white wine.
3. When white wine has reduced by half add stock. Bring to a boil; simmer for approximately 25 minutes stirring constantly.
4. When sunchokes have reached the consistency of a boiled potato liquefy with a hand held blender. Add salt and parsley.
5. Prior to serving add yogurt and remaining olive oil. Add pepper to taste if desired.

Serves 6