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Fresh Venison at Choices Markets

If you’ve ever travelled in New Zealand, you’ll remember seeing odd looking farms at the side of the road. New Zealander’s love their venison, so you’ll see herds of deer enclosed in pens with two metre high fences to keep the excellent jumpers from wandering away. In late October, Choices will be bringing this favourite source of protein to our stores.

New Zealand venison is imported fresh, raised without antibiotics, added hormone free and free range. The deer receive an improved diet of grass enhanced with vitamins and minerals to create a meat that is less gamey than traditional wild caught venison. An extremely lean meat, unlike other red meats venison boasts very little saturated fat content. Plus, like all grass fed meats it also has considerable anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. New Zealand venison is some of the highest quality, high value venison in the world.

New Zealand Venison will be available at all Choices locations on October 26th, and will be a regular meat department item in December. We hope you’ll enjoy this delicacy.