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A Berry Good time of Year

There are numerous benefits to including berries of any kind in your diet. Most berries are a great source of fibre and vitamin K, and due to high amounts of anti-oxidants like quercetin and vitamin C, they help to fight free radical damage which can lead to premature aging and certain cancers. They are also packed full of anthocyanins’ which can help improve eyesight and give berries their red and purple hue. Plus, these tiny fruits are packed with lots of water for summer hydration.

Besides the usual suspects like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, check out your local Choices Markets for an assortment of more unusual berries, like;

Blackberries are particularly high in fibre and help maintain brain functions thanks to their healthy dose of manganese. Wild blackberry plants are rampant throughout the Lower Mainland – stock the freezer while they are in season which starts as early as this month.

Gooseberries, a tart berry related to the currant, are only available a short time in summer. Their papery husks make them the perfect garnish for any show stopping dessert. Have a sour tooth? Goldenberries, the dried form of the gooseberry, are a deliciously tart addition to any trail mix.

Golden Raspberries
Golden Raspberries are a varietal of the common red raspberry – the taste and health benefits are similar, making the only real difference their bright and cheerful colour. These berries add the perfect pop of yellow to round out any healthy breakfast.