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Fresh Salmon & Cavena Nuda

Fresh Salmon & Cavena Nuda

Okanagan sockeye salmon, once at risk of extinction, is now a local, sustainable seafood choice in the Interior—thanks to the Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA). Since 1997, the ONA has been working to restore, protect and conserve the supply of sockeye salmon. With salmon populations greatly replenished, the ONA is now able to responsibly harvest wild, sustainable, Oceanwise certified sockeye salmon from the Okanagan. ONA lake-to-plate salmon are selectively harvested—making the welfare of the fish a priority—and processed using the highest health and wellness standards. Partial proceeds from ONA sales go back into a trust account for fish and fish habitat restoration, fishery revitalization and First Nations community development. ONA Sockeye Salmon is available at Choices Markets Kelowna.


Bake, poach or barbecue the salmon to your liking. Rinse Cavena Nuda and cook with 2 cups of water, simmering until all the water is absorbed. Remove from heat and chill.

Combine all remaining ingredients in a bowl then add chilled Cavena Nuda. Add salt and pepper to taste.

* Fresh salmon may be replaced with canned salmon or fresh or canned tuna. Cavena Nuda may be replaced with your favourite grain (Kamut, barley, quinoa, rice, etc.)

Serves 6