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Holiday Vegnog

Holiday Vegnog

By Choices Holistic Nutritionist Elizabeth Whalley, RHN


Drain cashews and combine in a high-speed blender along just 3/4 cup of water with the rest of the ingredients.

Blend until smooth. Adjust water to your desired thickness.

Don’t have a high speed blender? Filter your nog through 4 layers of cheese cloth before serving for a smoother consistency. Keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Unlike most eggnogs and their plant-based counter parts, this recipe is full of healthy fats, fibre and health-promoting spices.

Did you know that thickeners like carrageenan, found in regular and plant-based nogs alike, can cause inflammation in the digestive tract? Make your gut happy with this homemade nog that features anti-inflammatory spices like cinnamon and turmeric.